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The OPC consists of 15 members. We held our AGM recently and a new Chairperson and Vice Chairperson was appointed.  Mr. Bernard Kearney and Ms. Majella Dodd. We meet every four weeks discussing topical issues affecting older people.


  • The OPN continues to attend Town Team meetings with a great deal of Community work being done. The Country is slowly opening up since the finish of Covid.
  • Ongoing discussions about the local link buses regarding issues of poor signage, lack of pick up points and lack of service in some areas. This issue has been highlighted at National Level. We also mentioned older people’s vulnerabilities and challenges and all this was taken on board.
  • In general our aims are to:
    • facilitate an improved lifestyle for older people in the county
    • ensure their/our needs are considered in the development of policies that will affect them/us
    • combat ageism through awareness campaigns and encourage media to give age a balanced image in society
    • encourage intergenerational solidarity and to facilitate individuals and groups to share knowledge and experience in order to improve quality of life for older people.
  • There is an onus on all of us to communicate with as many people as possible about our activities; to include more people and to invite people to join the group.