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Could you use a few more customers? How about 1 million more…

Did You Know… there are three quarters of a million older people (65+), living and shopping in Ireland and this is anticipated to grow to 1.5 million by 2051. Older people account for up to 50% of all consumer spending in the EU. They have the time to shop, they like to shop, and they are loyal customers. They will come back to you again and again if you make the consumer experience comfortable and pleasant for them.

Are you doing everything you can to capture and retain this powerful customer base?

What is the Business Recognition Programme?

Waitress handing glass of water to elderly customer.

Your business should be Age Friendly because:

  1. It is simple to achieve
  2. It is low cost or cost neutral
  3. It opens up new business for you
  4. It the right thing to do!

If you design for the young, you exclude the old. But if you design for the old you include everyone

Glenn Millar, Director of Education and Research, Canadian Urban Development Institute