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The Annual National Age Friendly Recognition and Achievement Awards showcase age friendly initiatives from around the country that are contributing to making Ireland a great place in which to grow old.

Awards Aims

The primary aim of these awards is to recognise and reward achievement in age friendly initiatives around Ireland.  Organisations, individuals/members of the public, agencies and communities submit applications on projects or programmes that they consider to be age friendly, especially those initiatives that support older people.


Award Categories

Each year there are eight categories of awards, aligning to the World Health Organisation themes, as they have a meaningful impact on the lives of older people in Ireland. They are (WHO theme in brackets):


Getting to where you want to go when you want to go is so important to so many older people. This category recognises the vital difference that availability to good quality, easily accessible, user friendly and reliable transport options can make to an older person.

2.  AGE FRIENDLY ACTIVE AND HEALTHY AGEING AWARD (Community Support and Health Services)

We are living for longer, but remaining healthy and active in later years can be a real challenge. This award recognises those initiatives that optimise opportunities for good health in later years, so that older people can continue to play an active role in community life.

3.  AGE FRIENDLY BUSINESS INNOVATION AWARD (Civic Participation and Employment)

We know that creating an enjoyable and accessible experience for older consumers pays dividends for small and large businesses and the wider community. This category acknowledges age aware businesses which are innovative in their approach, and which recognise that older people as both producers and consumers bring a wealth of experience and expertise to our society. We welcome entries from collaborative projects where business and the community came together to effect change.


Feeling safe and secure at home and when out and about greatly enhances the lives of older people. This category acknowledges the impact of community-based responses that enable older people to feel secure in their homes and in the wider community, and to know what to do when they don’t.

5.  AGE FRIENDLY COMMUNICATIONS AWARD (Communication and Information)

A lack of access to information is often cited as a barrier to ‘ageing well’ in Ireland. The ability to access clear and concise information can impact on a range of aspects of an older person’s life, from

health and wellbeing to social connectedness to financial security. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for older people to use technology, but has also identified gaps where older people are not able to access the wide range of services that have moved online. This award recognises efforts being made around the country to bridge the information gap.

6.  AGE FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT AWARD (Outdoor Spaces and Buildings)

The built environment has a unique impact on the lives of all older people. Simple things like adequate public seating, level footpaths and appropriate crossing times at pedestrian crossings all have a huge impact on the ability of older people to be active in their towns and villages. This category recognises projects that bring about change in the built physical environment with older people in mind.

7.  AGE FRIENDLY COMMUNITY INNOVATION AWARD (Social Participation, Respect and Social Inclusion)

The voice of the older person is at the heart of the Age Friendly Cities and Counties Programme, the Programme is designed and implemented with them and not for them. This award recognises those innovative projects that are driven by older people for older people. These projects not only enhance the lives of older people, but benefit the community at large.


As people age they spend more time in their own homes. This means that older people’s quality of life, and thus their health, can depend on the appropriateness of their home environment and the conditions in which they live. This award recognises innovative housing initiatives that enable older people to remain independent for as long as possible.

We welcome initiatives at both local and national level.

If you have an initiative or project that you feel is innovative and has a meaningful impact on the lives of older people in Ireland why not apply for an award in 2024!

Closing date for applications: Friday, 12th July 2024