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Leitrim Older Person’s Council (OPC) was established in 2012, as part of the Age Friendly Initiative, it consists of up to 16 members, who aim to represent the collective voice of all older people in Leitrim and have in interest in issues, both locally and nationally improve the life of everyone as they age. The Leitrim OPC is a representative group of older people who identify areas of priority need, raise issues of importance, influence the decision making process of Leitrim’s Age Friendly Programme and also participate in national Age Friendly Structures.  

The key purpose of the Older Peoples Council is to provide an authentic voice of older people representing diversity that exists amongst our ageing population. It’s representatives are key collaborators and stakeholders who co-design the actions and objectives of the Age Friendly Strategy. 

Representatives from the Older Peoples Council are also members of the Leitrim Age Friendly Alliance. It’s memberships are also invoved involved with Active Retirement Groups, Feel Good Clubs, Men’s Shed’s and bring a wealth of lived experience from a variety of walks of life.

The Role of the Leitrim Older People’s Council

The Older People’s Council is:

  1. To represent the voice of older people. The Older People’s Council represents the voice of the Older People on the Leitrim Age Friendly Alliance and any other group tasked with the implementation of the Leitrim Age Friendly Initiative. (The Bottom up approach).
  2. To guide and advise the Age Friendly Alliance and any other group tasked with implementation of the Leitrim Age Friendly Initiative.
  3. To promote and develop the Age Friendly Initiative through mutual support within the group and through collaboration with other groups, agencies and alliances.
  4. To communicate the development of the achievements of the Age Friendly County Initiative to the wider community in County Leitrim.
  5. To support the Age Friendly Alliance in the delivery of actions identified by the Older People’s Council and the Alliance.
  6. To support delivery of the Age Friendly Initiative recognising differences in delivery between urban and rural communities.

The Activities of Leitrim Older People’s Council includes

  1. Policy proof strategies and policies to determine the impact on older people.
  2. Produce and deliver an action plan.
  3. Undertake submissions.
  4. Monitor and evaluate projects and polices.
  5. Identify issues affecting the older person.

And anything else relevant for the council.


The OPC meets quarterly in the Council Chamber in the main offices of Leitrim County Council at Aras-an-Chontae, Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim.