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The Cork City Older People’s Council is a key stakeholder group of the Cork City Age Friendly Programme. The Council provides a forum for older people in the city to come together, share concerns and experiences, and to inform the decision-making process of the Cork City Age Friendly Programme, as well as to contribute to the wider national Age Friendly Programme.

Older People Council using an Age Friendly Bench in Cork City

The purpose of this meeting of the wider older people’s forum is to:

  • Provide older people from Cork City with a recognised Forum to contribute to the decision-making processes that affect their lives.
  • Provide the opportunity for Older People to influence the formulation and implementation of the Cork ‘Age Friendly City Strategy’, ‘City and Area Development Plans’ and any supporting Initiatives
  • To represent the views of older people, provide advice and information on key Age Friendly City initiatives and structures
  • To elect Older People’s Council Representatives to represent the views of the Forum at the Cork Age Friendly Alliance
  • To feedback information and progress on the area plans and City-wide strategy to older persons groups in the area

The forum of the Older People’s Council meets on a quarterly basis in the City Hall in Cork. Membership is now open to join the Cork City Age Friendly Programme and to be the voice of older people for Cork City.

Older Persons Council meeting