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The primary aim is to represent the viewpoint of older people: to be their voice – both in terms of informing the Age Friendly County Strategy and by monitoring its implementation. At national and local level, they are involved in many areas such as age friendly housing, consultations on the design of age friendly primary care centres, age friendly libraries and businesses, walkability audits, wellness, and age friendly fitness activities – to mention but a few! They are also involved in community roadshows and age friendly events around the county.

The Kildare OPC meet every two months and sometimes subgroups meet in between. They are elected by their peers at the AGM and serve their term. Our current OPC is relatively new and has emerged post Covid.

This group are very strong and eager to work for the older people in Kildare. They are currently doing a piece of research in GP services in Kildare and planning for the upcoming age friendly roadshow and information expo in September.