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Up to 2022, the Galway City & County Age Friendly Programme had a joint City & County Older Persons Council. However, the Older Persons Council, and Age Friendly Alliance, agreed that it was important to ensure the voice of older people from all areas of the City & County was heard, and decided to establish separate City and County Older Persons Council. 

Nominations were sought for the Galway County Older Persons Council Executive Committee, and the first meeting of the Committee was held in March 2022. There are 4 members from each of the 5 Municipal Districts comprising individuals, and representatives of groups such as Tidy Towns, Active Retirement Groups, Community Organisations, ICA, Bridge Clubs, Carers, Men’s Sheds, and Voluntary Groups/Programmes working with Older People.

The Executive Committee meet approximately every 6 weeks in the offices of Galway County Council at Tuam Road, Galway. Their aim is to be a voice for older people and influence the development of initiatives, activities, and programmes. 

A particular issue raised by the Executive Committee to date has been social isolation, and in response, a number of initiatives have been designed to encourage older people to  join or re-join local groups for social, leisure, and physical activity programmes. Work is progressing on the establishment of the wider Older Persons Group with Galway County Public Participation Network, and it is hoped to bring the full membership together for an Information Event once this work is complete.