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Fingal’s Older People’s Council (FOPC) represents the voice of older people throughout Fingal.  It is a key part of the structure of the Fingal’s Age Friendly Programme. The OPC meet monthly to discuss, in an open forum, the concerns and experiences of older people facing older people living in Fingal and work to create suggestions that influence and inform problem solving and decision making at Alliance and Interdepartmental level.

Fingal OPC Meeting

FOPC are a representative group of older people with many years’ knowledge and  experience, from a wide variety of organisations and groups across Fingal who meet to ensure a unified strong voice for older people.  They work in partnership with Age Friendly Ireland and Fingal Age Friendly Alliance and the Fingal Interdepartmental team to inform local and national policy and planning.

 The FOPC’s core values are to

  1. Improve the lives of Older people in Fingal
  2. Influence and inform decision makers and service providers
  3. Be a voice for older people across the county
  4. Create countywide links and networks to ensure a unified approach
  5. Support the Age Friendly Alliance and Fingal Interdepartmental Team to ensure that Fingal is a great place to grow older in.

Fingal’s OPC contribute and input into the delivery of a number of initiatives, events, projects, consultations and their work includes:

  1. Weekly distribution emails featuring relevant AF event, activity and updates.
  2. Information sessions (mini expos) for over 55’s.
  3. Input into the development of Fingal’s New Age Friendly Strategy 2025 -2029.
  4. Fingal’s Vintage Picnic Arts, Creativity and Music Festival 2023
  5. Positive Ageing Week initiatives
  6. OPC/HSE special meeting is arranged
  7. Fingal OPC’s Annual Conference
  8. Annual Harvest dance
  9. Give it a go day