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Outdoor Spaces & Buildings

What kinds of things are the multi-agency Age Friendly Programmes doing to respond?

  • Undertaking walkability programmes to enable town planners to join together with older people to inform planning for the location of age friendly parking, bus stops, shelters, seating, signage, wheelchair-accessible footpaths and address other barriers to mobility across the public realm thereby increasing older people’s confidence and motivation to enjoy more active and connected lives.
  • Delivering programmes which result in better signage, seating, parking, ramps and other aspects of age friendliness in hospitals, primary care centres and other public buildings.
  • Increasing the number of toilets available and accessible to the public.
  • Amending planning guidelines in order to incorporate Age Friendly design and facilitate appropriate placement of older person accommodation and supports so that older people have walkable access to public and other essential services.
  • Ensuring that City and County Development plans and Local Area Plans incorporate Age Friendly concepts and principles.
  • Providing Age Friendly training on housing and the built environment to local authority planners, architects, engineers and urban renewal teams so as to build awareness of the accessibility needs of the community’s older adult population.


Examples of some Age Friendly Initiatives

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