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Understand Together

Age Friendly Ireland

Age Friendly Tipperary

Programme: Tipperary

WHO Theme: Civic Participation And Employment, Communication And Information, Community Support And Health Services, Outdoor Spaces And Buildings, Respect And Social Inclusion, Social Participation

Health & Wellbeing Theme: Staying Connected, Your Body Your Health

Funding Stream: Healthy Ireland FundLocal AF Programme Funding

Resources Required: Community Support, Financial, Paid Staff, Premises, Services, Volunteer Staff, workshop held with our elected councillors

Cost: 0-500


Increasing Dementia Awareness across the county and striving to make Tipperary Dementia inclusive. Funded by Healthy Ireland the Dementia Awareness Project, commenced with online Learn Listen Link training in Thurles MD. We have held a workshop with the Councillors in February and we will focus the next training in the Clonmel Borough District in April. This training is delivered by the Alzheimer Society of Ireland’s Moodle Workplace site. Training will also be provided to frontline staff in the local authority, specific workshop with Tipperary GAA and also offered to Local Link. When restrictions ease a walkability will take place in Roscrea where a universal design and dementia consultant will conduct the audit, and also support staff from TCC so that they can undertake future audits, in total the consultant will complete 2 audits.

Aim of Initiative

all members of our society

Who is it aimed at

all members of our society

Steps critical to success

  1. participation across wide sectors in society
  2. ownership and partnership approach
  3. creating community champions who will advocate for awareness and inclusion of those with dementia

Challenges in Planning / Delivery

  1. operating in a digital platform
  2. building geographically based groups of interest
  3. gaining support and involvement on the ground

Outcomes / Benefits

  1. Better communities for those with dementia to live and work
  2. partnership approach to creating awareness
  3. increased awareness of dementia and impacts in Tipperary

Evaluation / Report:
In progress

Fiona Crotty, Tipperary County Council,