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Staying Connected in Care

Age Friendly Ireland

Age Friendly Dublin City

Programme: Dublin City

WHO Theme: Communication And Information, Respect And Social Inclusion

Health & Wellbeing Theme: Positive Mental And Emotional Health, Staying Connected

Funding Stream: Local AF Programme Funding, Dublin City 4 Area Partnership

Resources Required: Financial, Paid Staff, Volunteer Staff

Cost: 0-500


Issuing of tablets to residential care for the sole purpose of video calls/communication links between residence and loved ones. The project is run in co-operation with Dublin City Council Age Friendly, the other 4 Dublin City Partnership Companies and is funded by the Department of Rural and Community Development and The Dublin City Age Friendly Programme. This idea was initiated by the Dublin North West Area Partnership (DNWAP) following a desperate COVID-19 cry for help from a care home in our catchment in Finglas. Initially 2 computer tablets were made available to this care home that allowed families face time and talk to each other. Within days the demand grew, and other Local development companies got involved. Feedback from families and staff in the care homes is both touching and heart breaking. Families, who are separated, can stay in touch regularly with loved ones. The project is easy to initiate and manage and is extremely cost effective and easily scalable. 100 tablets were purchased from Power City at a reduced cost due to the volume of tablets purchases and the costs were divided between both DCC Age Friendly and the Dublin City Partnership. To date all tablets have been distributed.

Aim of Initiative

Isolated older people and their families.

Who is it aimed at

Isolated older people and their families.

Steps critical to success

  1. Partnerships between agencies
  2. Funding
  3. Good quality device

Challenges in Planning / Delivery

Outcomes / Benefits

  1. Invaluable visual links between residents in care homes and families
  2. Easing of anxiety levels and stress for residents, families and staff.
  3. A way for loved ones/families/friends to be with loved ones who are on their journey

Beatrice Casserly DCC Age Frienldy and Michael Bowe DNWAP,