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Resilience Packs Rural Isloation

Age Friendly Ireland

Age Friendly Tipperary

Programme: Tipperary

WHO Theme: Communication And Information

Health & Wellbeing Theme: Nutrition Eating Well, Physical Activity, Positive Mental And Emotional Health, Staying Connected, Switching Off And Being Creative, Your Body Your Health

Funding Stream: Community Resilience Fund CovidLocal AF Programme Funding

Resources Required: Community Support, Paid Staff, Services, Volunteer Staff

Cost: 1000-5000


Preparation and distribution of resilience packs through the 13 Agricultural Co OPs in the county targeting rural men not engaged with community groups. The Keep Well campaign is aimed at showing people of all ages how we can mind our own physical and mental health and wellbeing by adding healthy and helpful habits to our daily and weekly routines. In November Tipperary Age Friendly provided similar resilience packs which were distributed through over 70 older adult community groups in Tipperary with over 1300 packs provided. This distribution of this pack will be to the local farming community and is being targeted at those not engaged in the traditional older adult community groups and those who may not typically engage online to get their information. Within each pack there is information guides, healthy eating guidelines physical activity guides, crime prevention advice and information for supports available during these challenging times.

Aim of Initiative

older adults not engaged with community groups

Who is it aimed at

older adults not engaged with community groups

Steps critical to success

  1. content from partners
  2. partnership with IFA and LCDC who promoted same

Challenges in Planning / Delivery

  1. getting content /timeline together

Outcomes / Benefits

  1. circulation of content of relevance and information for older adults
  2. range of content supplied to older adults
  3. partnership in provision of content and preparation of packs and distribution

Fiona Crotty, Tipperary County Council,