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Residents Cyling

Age Friendly Ireland

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Programme: Cork County

WHO Theme: Civic Participation And Employment, Communication And Information, Community Support And Health Services, Housing, Outdoor Spaces And Buildings, Respect And Social Inclusion, Social Participation

Health & Wellbeing Theme: Nutrition Eating Well, Physical Activity, Positive Mental And Emotional Health, Staying Connected, Switching Off And Being Creative, Your Body Your Health

Funding Stream: Healthy Ireland FundLocal AF Programme Funding

Resources Required: Financial, Volunteer Staff

Cost: 0-500


We have introduced a bike which some of our residents use daily. We have residents who need all care and are unable to stand on their own . However we can place them in a wheel chair and they can place their feet in the cycle and start to cycle which increases their circulation to the legs. It strengthens legs and back and it also increases their happiness

Aim of Initiative

Who is it aimed at

Any resident who wishes to use it . Moslty those who can not stand so get little circulation to the legs

Steps critical to success

  1. Get Resident assess by Physiotherapy
  2. Ensure resdient is supported to give them convidence
  3. Make sure they are safe at all times and praise them

Challenges in Planning / Delivery

  1. Only 1 bike
  2. Construction work means some rooms closed for privacy
  3. Covid 19

Outcomes / Benefits

  1. Resident improves Circulation to Legs
  2. Resident gets exercise
  3. improves residents confidance and makes they feel happy

Evaluation / Report:
Casltetownbere Community Hospital

Maureen G O'Neill (