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Navigate your Work Future

Age Friendly Ireland

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Programme: National

WHO Theme: Civic Participation And Employment, Communication And Information

Health & Wellbeing Theme: Positive Mental And Emotional Health

Funding Stream: Accenture Consulting and National

Resources Required: Financial, Paid Staff, Paid soeakers / consultants

Cost: 0-500


A programme to support the needs of older workers and job seekers in Ireland, involving career coaches, interview experts, psychologists and business consultants. “In May 2019, Third Age was approached by the global professional services company, Accenture and invited to tender for a project that would upskill older people to meet the changing face of work in Ireland. Third Age responded by designing a one day workshop, Navigating Your Work Future. It is aimed at supporting older workers who may need to reskill, for returners to the labour market after home duties, and for those considering a career change. The workshop offers participants the opportunity to: -Evaluate personal skills and strengths -Learn how to apply these to best advantage how to market oneself, understanding the job market, networking -Understand more fully the changing workplace and future trends -Identify new opportunities for reskilling, upskilling and lifelong learning -Access follow up resources Many who find themselves unemployed/redundant in their 40s/60s have difficulty finding work again. Some may lack sufficient technical and digital skills, or – in spite of employment equality legislation – may be negatively affected by ageism and age discrimination. On the other hand, many older workers have competencies and attributes such as leadership, maturity, reliability and experience. The programme was conceived and developed in late 2019, and rolled out since January 2020, initially in venues throughout Ireland, before Covid restrictions forced the programme into an online support service. In total, 37 sessions have now been held, with 1,816 attendees.”

Aim of Initiative

Workers and job seekers, aged 50+

Who is it aimed at

Workers and job seekers, aged 50+

Steps critical to success

  1. Strong programme design
  2. Evaluation of initial pilot, and flexibility to tweak based on feedback
  3. Knowledge and access to potential market – the support from the Department of Social Protection became vital

Challenges in Planning / Delivery

  1. Resource management – setting up a new programme while managing existing programmes – limited resources
  2. Access and knowledge of market – e.g. we thought many who would be interested were already in employment, but the majority of our audience proved to be job-seekers / returning to the workforce. Took some time to realise and to market to this audience
  3. Stakeholder engagement – need to prove the programme at the initial stages

Outcomes / Benefits

  1. Offering a support to Dept of Social Protection that responses to the needs of their clients – nearly 2000 have attended in the last year.
  2. Very positive feedback and many of our participants gaining employment
  3. Showing Third Age is a positive light, helping to build the brand as one of professionalism and innovation to a wide, national audience.

Evaluation / Report:
None completed yet - survey completed after 6 months with participants

Liam Carey, Third Age,