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Move Well Project

Age Friendly Ireland

Meath County Council

Programme: Meath

WHO Theme: Social Participation

Health & Wellbeing Theme: Physical Activity

Funding Stream: Sport Ireland - Keep Well

Resources Required: Financial

Cost: 1000-5000


Meath LSP provided older people with a physical resource (DVD/USB) that they could use in their own homes. Meath LSP designed and produced a physical resource which is constituted of a Move Well DVD & USB. The Move Well programme is delivered by Meath LSP qualified tutors and includes Seated Pilates and Dance classes. Both Pilates and dance classes can be modified to suit a range of abilities.

Aim of Initiative

Over 50s

Who is it aimed at

Over 50s

Steps critical to success

  1. Simple and easy to use
  2. Familiar faces of tutors to the viewers
  3. Maintaining activity levels

Challenges in Planning / Delivery

  1. Filming classes during COVID
  2. Making sure classes were easy to follow
  3. Putting in place support system for the older people

Outcomes / Benefits

  1. Older people maintaining activity levels during COVID
  2. Connection to the outside world
  3. Some enjoyment during these dark days

Evaluation / Report:

Ruaira­ Murphy, Meath Local Sports Partnership,