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Kildare Sports Partnership COVID-19 Physical Activity Programme

Age Friendly Ireland

Kildare Sports Partnership Logo

Programme: Kildare

WHO Theme: Community Support And Health Services

Health & Wellbeing Theme: Physical Activity

Funding Stream: Community Resilience Fund CovidHealthy Ireland Fund

Resources Required: Community Support, Financial, Paid Staff

Cost: 1000-5000


During the first COVID-19 lockdown Kildare Sports Partnership developed the Kildare COVID-19 Physical Activity Programme to connect with individuals, families and communities engaged in physical activity during the pandemic and to promote and support what was happening in a structured way, highlighting the physical and mental benefits of being physically active, particularly during this abnormal and difficult period. Participants activity was tracked pre-COVID, during the programme and post lockdown, recording the number of days per week that the took part in physical activity with detailed information being gathered on the various age groups by gender as well as Kildare Sports Partnership promoting and supporting their activities.

Aim of Initiative

The initiative is aimed at all age groups and abilities.

Who is it aimed at

The initiative is aimed at all age groups and abilities.

Steps critical to success

  1. Education of participants in relation to the benefits of PA
  2. Regular engagement
  3. Evaluation

Challenges in Planning / Delivery

  1. Lack of face to face engagement
  2. Reduced engagement with the older cohort
  3. Social distancing requirements

Outcomes / Benefits

  1. Created an ongoing interest in Physical Activity
  2. Increased number of participants engaging with KSP
  3. Increased knowledge of follow on KSP Programmes

Evaluation / Report:

Syl Merrins, Kildare Sports Partnership,