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From A Distance Concerts

Age Friendly Ireland

AF Clare Full Col 150 dpi

Programme: Clare

WHO Theme: Social Participation

Health & Wellbeing Theme: Positive Mental And Emotional Health

Funding Stream: Creative Ireland Funding

Resources Required: Community Support, Creative Ireland Funding

Cost: 1000-5000


From a Distance Concert series. This was 5 virtual concerts, over 5 Sunday’s with 5 different genres of local artists. It was live streamed from the Ennis Cathedral via their Webcam, Facebook Live page and local radio station. There were over 39,700 views alone on Facebook. People tuned in from all over Clare and indeed across the world.

Aim of Initiative

Who is it aimed at

Older People feeling lonely

Steps critical to success

  1. A key to the success of this was broadcasting the concerts from the Cathedral using the webcam used for mass. Older People knew how to access weekly mass.
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Challenges in Planning / Delivery

  1. Logistics
  2. n/a
  3. n/a

Outcomes / Benefits

  1. It brought happiness to a lot of people at Xmas when everyone was locked down
  2. Musicians got paid
  3. n/a

Evaluation / Report:

Karen Fennessy, Age Friendly Clare //