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Essential Information Leaflet

Age Friendly Ireland

Age Friendly Mayo

Programme: Mayo

WHO Theme: Communication And Information

Health & Wellbeing Theme: Staying Connected

Funding Stream: Community Resilience Fund CovidLocal AF Programme Funding

Resources Required: Community Support, Services, PPN and Age Friendly are the two main coordinators of collating the information etc. We relied on local link and community services to distribute leaflet.The Garda were also essential support.

Cost: 0-500


This project came from collaboration of stakeholders under the umbrella of the Community Response Forum, to include Age Friendly. The leaflet contains useful information and advice. It was distributed via the local newspapers, Gardaí, FRC’s, Meals on Wheels, Mayo County Council Offices. The leaflet was distributed in advance of the Christmas period. It was also available online in Irish, Polish, Portugese, Arabic and French. Size of font was also a consideration for older people.

Aim of Initiative

All households across the County with primary attention to older and those living alone.

Who is it aimed at

All households across the County with primary attention to older and those living alone.

Steps critical to success

  1. Cooperation from all involved
  2. Working within deadlines
  3. Accurate but not too much information

Challenges in Planning / Delivery

  1. Deadline was before Christmas, busiest time of year for big print request
  2. Requests for inclusion in leaflet after was sent to print
  3. Agreeing format

Outcomes / Benefits

  1. Essential information delivered to alot of households in Mayo
  2. Available online and 5 languages
  3. Is a great resource to have, can be easily updated

Evaluation / Report:

Maura Murphy, Age Friendly Programme Manager / Community Response, Mayo County Council,