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Dementia Specific Garden

Age Friendly Ireland

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Programme: Cork County

WHO Theme: Community Support And Health Services, Outdoor Spaces And Buildings

Health & Wellbeing Theme: Positive Mental And Emotional Health

Funding Stream: Friends of the hospital

Resources Required: Financial

Cost: 5000-10000


Garden which meets the needs of our residents with dementia and a safe secure environment

Aim of Initiative


Who is it aimed at

Residents and Families

Steps critical to success

  1. Safe and Secure surroundings
  2. Colour
  3. Sensory

Challenges in Planning / Delivery

  1. Weather
  2. Finance
  3. Availability of Contractor

Outcomes / Benefits

  1. Safe secure area and visiting area
  2. Positive mental health
  3. Increased outdoor activity

Evaluation / Report:

Kerry Burchill & Siobhan Calnan / &