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Christmas Dinner Delivered to older adults

Age Friendly Ireland

Meath Volunteer Centre Logo

Programme: Meath

WHO Theme: Communication And Information

Health & Wellbeing Theme: Positive Mental And Emotional Health, Staying Connected, Switching Off And Being Creative

Funding Stream: Healthy Ireland Fund

Resources Required: Community Support, Financial, Premises, Volunteer Staff

Cost: 500-1000


Due to Covid restrictions our local volunteer service worked with our community guards and other networks to establish vunerable older adults who may have been left isolated over the Christmas period. The Volunteers went out to these groups and delivered dinners and had conversations with the older adults for up to an hour on Christmas Day whilst following governmental guidelines.

Aim of Initiative

Older Adults

Who is it aimed at

Older Adults

Steps critical to success

  1. Volunteers
  2. Meals supplied
  3. Identifying those most vunerable

Challenges in Planning / Delivery

  1. Logistics
  2. Communication
  3. Maintaining of guidelines

Outcomes / Benefits

  1. Communication- Vunerable older adults got the opportunity to have a conversation
  2. Improvement in Mental Wellbeing
  3. Guarnteed that older adults got a hot meal on Christmas Day

Evaluation / Report:
Overall the project was very successful as the volunteer centre managed to get to as many identifiable vulnerable older adults in the community at Christmas time to supply them with a hot meal and to have a conversation on their doorstep. Something as simple as having a conversation was so beneficial to the older adults mental health due to the impact of cocooning and isolation during Covid. The volunteer groups really made sure that our older adults were looked after at Christmas.

Emma Golesworthy and Dean Kerins, Meath Volunteer Centre,