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Ceol le Chéile – Donegal Intergenerational Choir Initiative

Age Friendly Ireland

Age Friendly Donegal

Programme: Donegal

WHO Theme: Social Participation

Health & Wellbeing Theme: Positive Mental And Emotional Health

Funding Stream: Healthy Ireland Fund, HSE

Resources Required: Financial, Paid Staff, Premises, Services

Cost: 0-500


The Donegal Intergenerational Choir Ceol le Chéile was established in 2018 as a vehicle for promoting health improvement, wellness and wellbeing among children and older adults. The project is managed by the Social Inclusion Unit of Donegal County Council, designed initially as a health and wellness project, the initiative has delivered substantially on this objective, research has indicated that participation in this choir has helped older people who are dealing with health issues including dementia, depression and mobility issues and many of the young people have been assisted with confidence and anxiety problems. Since Ceol le Chéile was established two years ago, they have had 20 successful public performances including 3 Christmas shows; visits to Community Hospitals and Nursing Homes during Bealtaine; recitals at the launch of TILDA, the Pan Celtic Festival, the National Convention for Older People and the Earagail Arts Festival. Ceol le Chéile was runner-up in the National Pride of Place Awards 2018, has received an Age Friendly Ireland Recognition Award in 2019 and has been shortlisted for a LAMA Council and Community Award. Ceol le Chéile have also been awards recognition as the Bealtaine Flagship Choir for 2020 which will involve a dawn performance in Donegal, a dusk performance in Dublin as well as participation in the Dublin St Patricks Day festival. This project is an action in the Donegal Age Friendly Strategy, designed to promote social inclusion and social participation among older people, and has been made possible due to it being delivered as a collaborative action by stakeholders of the Donegal Age Friendly Alliance.

Aim of Initiative

Aimed specifically at older people in County Donegal, also includes young people as part of its inter generational delivery

Who is it aimed at

Aimed specifically at older people in County Donegal, also includes young people as part of its inter generational delivery

Steps critical to success

  1. funding
  2. ongoing engagement by the AF team
  3. ensuring a social inclusion / AF focus

Challenges in Planning / Delivery

  1. logistics
  2. dealing with a large number of people
  3. availability of funding

Outcomes / Benefits

  1. health improvement of particpants
  2. social participation among older adults

Charles Sweeney, Donegal County Council,

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