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Cairdeas Community Hospital

Age Friendly Ireland

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Programme: Cork County

WHO Theme: Communication And Information, Respect And Social Inclusion, Social Participation

Health & Wellbeing Theme: Staying Connected

Funding Stream: Healthy Ireland Fund

Resources Required: Volunteer Staff

Cost: 1000-5000


The Friends of Clonakilty Hospital are using the ACORN device to enable residents in the Hospital to connect to other residents and to family and friends in the community, thus enhancing their lives. The device was selected because it was user-friendly. The group aims to connect residents and families. The project is new but if successful, the Friends of Clonakilty CCH are committed to ensuring that all residents have access to technology, if they want it.

Aim of Initiative

Who is it aimed at

Older people are who are no longer digitally connected.

Steps critical to success

  1. Next of kin have a little bit of IT knowledge
  2. Family have a smart phone
  3. Local content

Challenges in Planning / Delivery

  1. Deciding who get the device.
  2. Learning about the touch/tap factors.
  3. Next of kin have a little bit of IT knowledge

Outcomes / Benefits

  1. Local mass streams
  2. Newspapers
  3. Family can now easily video call.

Evaluation / Report:
To date the Acorn has provided the users the opportunity to digitally access all local papers such as the Southern Star, West Cork People, and the Bandon Opinion and the tools to still attend live mass ceremonies. The Acorn companion app was used by families to easily connect with the Acorn users, where they can now message and video call with no hassle .

Catherine Hegarty /