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Why it’s relevant


  • Good transport links help everyone, whatever their age, to access vital services such as doctors and social and cultural amenities, so that they can be involved in community life, stay independent and keep up social connections.
  • For older people, the ability to get “out and about” is critical to well-being. With older people less likely to drive, affordable, accessible public transport is particularly important to an age-friendly community.
  • In Ireland, around a third of people living in rural areas have difficulty in accessing essential services because of poor transport services. In urban areas, the figure is 11-15%, which is still too high. People who depend on others for help with transport tend to prioritise essential outings, such as grocery shopping and medical appointments, and neglect their social and leisure needs.
  • Older people can experience difficulties in getting around whether it be through availability and frequency of transport, physical barriers or knowing what is available.
  • Age Friendly Programmes aim to provide seamless, affordable transport systems, which can include affordable taxis and car-pooling schemes, as well as making it possible for older people to use personal forms of transport, such as bicycles and cars.

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