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What kinds of things are the multi-agency Age Friendly Programmes doing to respond?

  • Developing age friendly business recognition schemes with the support of the local Chambers of Commerce and Local Enterprise Offices – which enable local businesses to adopt age-friendly practices such as tailored customer service arrangements for older people – with now more than 750 businesses participating nationwide.
  • Ensuring that the Older People’s Council are active, representative of the diversity of older people, and supportive of the most marginalised.
  • Facilitating key public, voluntary and commercial services to engage and consult meaningfully with the Older People’s Councils and with older people generally, in policy development and the planning of service provision.
  • Providing age friendly awareness training to the staff of local public, voluntary and commercial services.
  • Appointing ‘’Age Friendly Ambassadors” within key public, voluntary and commercial services to undertake age proofing within their organisations.
  • Delivering modules on age awareness to local schools, colleges and businesses.
  • Supporting initiatives which enable older people living in residential care to contribute to and participate in the life of the wider community.

Examples of some Age Friendly initiatives

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