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About Us

Age Friendly Ireland’s vision is to make Ireland a great country in which to grow old.

By guiding the development and implementation of effective city and county based, multi-agency Age Friendly Strategies we are intent on making a significant difference to the quality of life of older people living in Ireland.

The following values underpin the work of both Age Friendly Ireland and the 31 city and county Age Friendly Programmes.

Commitment to Action
Active, engaged, practical, pragmatic implementation of local Age Friendly Ireland Strategies which are firmly based on the expressed views and priorities of older people and which enhance their quality of life and participation in Irish life.
Future Proofing our Infrastructure and Key Services
Age Friendly Ireland programmes make economic as well as social sense and foster the creation of more liveable, sustainable, resource effective and enabling environments. By future-proofing our cities, counties, towns and villages we will help to ensure that our policies, strategies, infrastructure and key services do not become outdated or outmoded in the near future and that they are friendly and accessible on many different levels, to all ages and groups, whether in an urban or rural setting.
Fulfilment of the Age Friendly vision through combining a bottom-up participatory approach at local and community level with top-down political and agency-led commitment and resources.
Informed by the views and opinions of the diversity of older people and enabling the direct and active involvement of older people in local-level decision-making in a solution focussed way thus ensuring that the complex challenges older people face as they age, at varying degrees of ability, is reflected in what we prioritise and deliver on.
Commitment to employing new thinking, methods and approaches in response to the challenges and opportunities identified by older people.

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