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Age Friendly Ireland

Type of Business: Medical / Optical

Local Authority: Longford

Address: 17 Ballymahon St, Townparks, Longford

Eircode: N39 A7P9

Directions: Find On Map


Age Friendly Champion

Name: Anna Kennedy

Phone: 043 333 6276


Specific Actions / Commitments

  1. Bringing the card machine to the Patient, in turn completing the whole transaction in one place to save the patient from having to stand at the till and wait. This is especially helpful when the store is busy.
  2. Where a Patient has mobility issues find out what type of frames they like and bring down a selection for them to try. Alternatively, bring a chair up to a mirror on the floor so the patient can pick their own frames so not to take away any independence from the patient.
  3. During covid we had to limit numbers in store so patients would have to come in alone, however now all staff members are aware that they can allow a friend or family member to come in with the patient. This avoids any confusion or worry when the patient arrives to the store as there will be no question as to whether they can bring a person in with them or not. Along with this if a person does not book an appointment themselves, i.e. their child or sibling calls to book the app, we enquire if there are any special requirements needed for the patient as this may be an indication that they made need help or assistance, we can then allocate more time for this patient.