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Age Friendly Principal Advisors

Age Friendly Housing & Public Realm | Jack Keyes

Jack Keyes, Principal Advisor for Age Friendly Housing and Public Realm and former County Manager of Cavan County Council  has had a career of successful leadership and management in, and with, the public and private sectors over 40 years.

His background in Engineering positions him to critically advise key stakeholders on the importance of building sustainable environments that will future proof Ireland for demographic change. He has an in-depth understanding of the policy framework that shapes actions in housing and the public realm and has also worked in the AHB and Private Sectors. 

Jack provides specialist support in several areas including:

  • Age Friendly Housing Provision
  • Universal design
  • Transport
  • Public Realm Improvement
  • National implementation of Training & Development Programme
  • Technical Guidance and Submission Development


Age Friendly Business Recognition Programme | Orlaith Carmody

Orlaith Carmody, Principal Advisor for Age Friendly Ireland’s Business Recognition Programme, is a business and executive coach and consultant, and a recognised expert advisor, facilitator and strategist. She has delivered coaching, training and workshops all over the world.

Orlaith is the author of the bestselling book, Perform As A Leader, (Ballpoint Press, 2015) which shares her coaching and teaching over 20 years, and offers a complete toolkit to anyone looking to develop their front line skills – pitching, presenting, chairing, negotiating, performing on the media or coaching and leading teams. Orlaith’s specialism is executive presence and business development.

Orlaith provides support in the following areas:

  • Mapping Age Friendly Business Recognition Programmes
  • Working with the Age Friendly Programme Managers in each of the 31 local authority led programmes.
  • Engaging with key local stakeholders including Chambers of Commerce, Local Enterprise Offices and Director of Economic Development.
  • Engaging with national business representative organisations
  • Training at both local and regional level using the existing training modules and training tools
  • Developing relationships with national businesses to extend the programmes to branch networks across the country
  • Engaging with Older Peoples Councils to assess and test the Mystery Shopping Process
  • Media promotion of the Age Friendly Business Recognition Programme
  • Coordinating the implementation of the monitoring and evaluation process
  • Managing the population of the national Age Friendly Business Register

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