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How we’ve responded

What kinds of things are the multi-agency Age Friendly Programmes doing to respond?

  • Setting up multi-agency transport services with the support of both the Councils and the HSE to provide health and shop routes, community car schemes and other ways to support older people in accessing key services across their communities.
  • Involving older people in planning the location of age friendly parking, bus stops, shelters and seating and real-time transport information.
  • Making bus drivers aware of the needs of vulnerable community members.
  • Maintaining bus stops and pavements, and ensuring route information is accessible.
  • Enabling older people to go out in tricycle rickshaws pedalled by volunteers.
  • Ensuring that stations, transport terminals and taxi ranks incorporate age friendly design.
  • Ensuring that older people are fully informed about the availability of transport options in their city or county.

Examples of some Age Friendly initiatives

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