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Housing is essential to people’s sense of safety and wellbeing at all phases of life.

As people age, they tend to spend more time in their own homes. This means that older people’s quality of life, and thus their health, can depend on the appropriateness of the home environment and the conditions in which they live.

Even in early old age difficulties can appear in keeping up with house maintenance tasks. In people of older age difficulties can increase when moving around, climbing or descending stairs or when getting out and about. It is possible to age at home even when one’s health declines and care needs arise.

Doing so is possible if a house is designed or modified for ageing in place and if a community includes housing options for varying life stages and financial circumstances.

For many, living in adapted or specialist housing reduces reliance on health and social care services and can contribute to a greater sense of wellbeing. Age Friendly Cities and Counties create the opportunities to establish a broad range of housing options which suit all needs and enable older people to stay independent for as long as possible.

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