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Community Support & Health Services

Older People want to stay Healthy and Independent

At some point, many of us will become ill or simply need some help. Central to this domain is the concept of service accessibility. While it’s important that care be available nearby, it’s essential that residents are able to access and afford the services required.

Investment in quality community-based health services – including preventative screening, mental health services and advice on healthy eating – can keep older people healthy and reduce their use of in-patient and out-patient hospital services. Home support services and, at the end of life, compassionate outreach services, make it possible for older people to stay in their own homes. This domain also addresses issues of residential facilities for people unable to live at home, intergenerational volunteer opportunities, and older adult sensitivity training for emergency service providers.

In Age Friendly Cities and Counties older people can exercise real choice and control, and can access a comprehensive and integrated range of affordable, easily accessible, high quality, age friendly community supports and health services.

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