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How we’ve responded

What kinds of things are the multi-agency Age Friendly Programmes doing to respond?

Devising alternative housing models such as the Dublin City Housing with Support programme, with the support of both the City Council and HSE, so that older people can age comfortably in the community they belong to.

Designing care coordination systems involving service brokers working directly with older people in integrating available formal and informal systems of care in order to maximise older people’s quality of life and sustain independent living.

Developing district registers of isolated older people, with consent, to support effective engagement and emergency planning on the part of City and County Councils, An Garda Síochána and the HSE with frail or isolated older people so as to ensure that they have the confidence and ability to age in place.

Delivering peer to peer Garda trained home safety audit programmes so that isolated older adults can receive advice about how to make their homes safer and be less fearful of crime.

Facilitating training programme for architects, planners and engineers across the local authority network on age friendly housing and public realm design so as to facilitate these key professionals in becoming more ‘age aware’ and supporting older people through appropriate planning and design to live independently for longer.

Reviewing relevant local authority grant schemes in respect of home adaptations and extensions to ensure such schemes are fit for purpose and there are appropriate levels of awareness.

Building awareness of good practice housing options for older people and their available benefits through the facilitation of showcase and other information events.

Providing advice on ‘smart house’ technologies together with simple, accessible information about housing options, services and personal alarms which can help older people to live independently for longer.

Developing relevant policy actions which can support older owner occupiers who may wish to downsize to more suitable dwellings within the local city or community.

Examples of some Age Friendly Initiatives

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