Think Ahead

What is Think Ahead?THINK

Think Ahead is a citizen led initiative aimed at guiding people on planning for end of life. Using a simple form, Think Ahead urges people to Think, Talk, Tell and Record their personal preferences for future medical, financial and personal care, regardless of their age or health. This can then be left in a safe and secure place where it can be easily accessed in an emergency. Even if not fully completed, the form can be used as a guide to those things you might want to think about when considering the end of your life, and could help initiate and structure the discussion with loved ones. The Think Ahead Form can be Reviewed at any time, and amended as life experiences change.

Why Think Ahead?

• So those close to you know or understand your wishes, if a time comes when you cannot speak for yourself.
• To give peace of mind and reassurance to you, your family and anyone involved in your care.
• To avoid confusion, stress and disruption in the event you pass away without leaving your affairs in order.

Think ahead
An Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Justice Catherine Mc Guinness at the Launch of Think Ahead Phase 2 in July 2014.

The Think Ahead Form

The Think Ahead Form is a private and confidential document and is retained by the person who completes it. The Form has 5 Key Sections:

Key Information: Details of people you would like contacted in the event of an emergency and key information to inform people about your treatment and care.
Care preferences: How would you like to be cared for? Are there cultural or religious preferences that you would like the health care staff to consider in caring for you?
Legal: Will, succession, power of attorney.
Financial: Bank accounts, life assurance policies. Credit cards, mortgages documents etc
When I die: Organ and body donation, funeral and burial arrangements
Appendix: Where to find your important documents/who should care for your Pets/ Social Media Accounts /Subscriptions.
How does it work?
• Fill out all or part of the Think Ahead form which you can download from or pick up a copy from the Irish Hospice Foundation, Morrison Chambers, 32 Nassau Street,Dublin 2, phone 01 6793188, or from your local Credit Union or Citizens Information Centre.
• Tell your family or friends or a trusted person, such as your GP or solicitor, what your wishes are and where the form can be found in the event of an emergency.

Organisations which have partnered with Think Ahead include: Active Retirement Ireland, Age Friendly Ireland, Irish Rural Link, Garda Retired, Irish Pharmacy Union, Solicitors for the Elderly, Age and Opportunity, GLEN, The Carers Association and The Irish League of Credit Unions.