Siel Bleu are delighted to announce the release of our European Commission funded study HAPPIER. Supported by the French Ministry of Health, HAPPIER is the first study of its kind to examine the efficacy of our types of programmes on nursing home residents, staff and the entire organisation.

happierIn the months since we have completed the exercise phase in 32 nursing homes across Europe, eight in Ireland, we worked closely with Danone and the Institute of Public Politics, Paris to compile our findings.

As a valued partner of Siel Bleu Ireland, we are sure you are aware of the many benefits of Siel Bleu programmes and as such, we wanted to share with you the results of the study.

The importance of the HAPPIER study cannot be underestimated. With over 17 years of anecdotal evidence of the benefits of our programmes from our nursing home clients, it was vital to carry out a study and give scientific evidence to what we know to be true and improve the lives of older adults.

The initial results have been excellent! We have seen improvements in participants’ ability to feed and wash themselves as well as move around. The greatest results have shown that our programmes reduce one minor fall per resident every year and one accidental fall per resident every 18 months.

• 1 less minor fall per participant every year
• 1 less accidental fall per participant every 18 months
• 87% improvement in participants’ moving capacity
• 15% reduction in participants feeling life is empty
• 37% improvement in participants capacity to wash themselves
• 80% care staff believe their work conditions are improved by our programmes
• 96% of medical staff agreed that our programmes are “preventative” by the end of the study
We would like to take this opportunity to share with you our communications for The HAPPIER results.

The HAPPIER Press Release – The HAPPIER Infographic
The HAPPIER Official Video – The HAPPIER Results Video

For more information log onto our HAPPIER website page
If you would like a copy of the full report please email