Programme Coordinator 

Chair of the Alliance Michael Walsh

Who’s involved?

Who’s involved in the Waterford Age Friendly City & County Programme?

The Waterford Age Friendly City Programme started in 2011 with the establishment of the multi-agency Alliance. Following the Local Government amalgamation in Waterford the first joint City and County Alliance meeting is due to be held in October2014. The newly formed joint Alliance will be Chaired by Michael Walsh, CEO, Waterford Council. Other Alliance members include:

Catherine Power, Waterford Area Partnership
George Power , Community & Voluntary Forum
Pat Murphy, Chief Superintendent, Garda
Joe Stokes, CEO Waterford Area Partnership
Kathleen Fitzgerald, Waterford City Chamber
Richie Dooley, Area Manager HSE
Barbara Murphy, Co-Coordinator Older People’s Services HSE
Rosarie Kealy, Co-Coordinator Sports Partnership
Shane Winters, Age Friendly Ireland
Lisa Grant, Waterford City and County Council
Vinnie O’Shea, Community and Enterprise

What did older people tell us?

What did older people across Waterford City & County tell us? (A snapshot)

Waterford has completed four city consultations to date and have identified two county consultations to be carried out in Dungarvan and Tramore. Waterford aims to launch a combined city and county Age Friendly Strategy in 2015 and thereafter to commence implementation of actions following the launch. The strategy will identify issues and subsequent solutions designed to address specific issues raised by local older people.

The Alliance will play a key role in implementing the actions within the strategy and will work with the Older Person’s Council to ensure the voice of older people is heard and acted upon. When formulating the strategy, the issues and solutions will be collated and aligned to the nine Age Friendly outcomes.

How has the County responded?

How has Waterford City & County responded? (An overview)

Following the completion of consultations inWaterford, the next step will be to set up an Older Person’s Council/Forum to provide the opportunity to share concerns and experiences as well as to ensure consistency of services, supports and outcomes of the Age Friendly Initiative throughout the County. The group will support the Alliance in the implementation of the Waterford Age Friendly Strategy. The purpose of the group will be to:

–          Provide an active channel of communication between the Older People’s Forum and the Age Friendly County Initiative.

–          Provide the opportunity to comment on and influence Age Friendly County strategies, plans and projects.

–          Identify key actions for implementation with the Age Friendly joint Alliance and strive to achieve a number of the objectives in the Waterford Age Friendly Strategy as a Forum.

–          To represent older people on sub Alliance committees including the Business Forum, Service Providers Forum and any other working groups that may be directed by the Alliance including Transport, Housing etc.

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