Programme Coordinator   Anne Rizzo

Chair of the Alliance Conn Murray

Who’s involved?

Who’s involved in the Limerick Age Friendly City & County Programme?

Chaired by Conn Murray CEO Limerick City and County Council.

Mr Bernard Gloster, HSE
Ms Linda Ledger, St Munchins
Dr Mary Shire
Ms Alice McAuliffe
Ms Phyllis O’Halloran
Mr Aidan Gleeson
Chief Superintendent David Sheahan, An Garda Síochána
Mr Sean Burke
Ms Anne O’Doherty
Mr Dara McGuigan,  Limerick City and County Council Secretary to Alliance
Ms Sarah Wetherald, Regional Development Consultant Age Friendly Ireland

What did older people tell us?

What did older people across Limerick City & County tell us? (A snapshot)

Although the consultation process is not fully complete, there are a number of clear issues emerging. The priorities around transport are to do with overall quality and availability of a public service, particularly in rural areas. Participants identified that the majority of resources are focused on larger towns and there is difficulty connecting with bus and train services. Around housing and home, information was the most important element in terms of how and where it is displayed. Respect was a key issue for Older Adults and participants want to be more included in the discussions on issues that affect them, and in the design of solutions. Older adults feel that by making a proactive contribution to society they can address the often negative stereotype of older people. Health is obviously a growing concern, especially around the cuts to services and the growing cost of health insurance. They also felt the current appointment system and waiting lists only enhanced stress around accessing healthcare and would actually put people off addressing health issues. Participants also spoke about the current condition of towns and villages and highlighted that things like a poor quality footpath, lack of appropriate seating and a lack of toilets can actually physically deter people from going to town.

How has the County responded?

How has the Limerick City & County responded? (An overview)

–          Approval of both Limerick City Council and Limerick County Council (April 2013)

–          Signing Dublin Declaration on Age Friendly Cities and Communities (June 2013)

–          Formation of Alliance (December 2013)

–          Age Friendly Towns Plans –Limerick Northside and Cappamore (December 2013)

–          Launch of Limerick Age Friendly Programme (Late December 2013)

–          Consultation (Phase 1) (April-June 2014) Phase 2 scheduled for September-October 2014

–          Baseline Analysis (January 2014 to present)

–          Roll Out of Sub Programmes (January 2014 to present)

–          Age Friendly Towns:The Cappamore and Northside Age Friendly Town projects have seen the introduction of several community projects. There is a plan to officially launch both plans later this year and negotiations are underway internally with HR in Council regarding possible Gateway participants to drive the actions forward.

–          City and County Programme: Facilitation of seminar and workshop in Adare to generate better awareness of the Programme in public and non-statutory sector. (30+ attendees.) Currently designing Phase 2 consultation.

–          Research Sub-Committee: Convened on three occasions to agree the direction of research. September meeting with SSIRL to discuss this further and look at partnership opportunities.

–          OPRAH – Initial recruitment process didn’t result in candidate being selected.  Second process is currently being planned, and should proceed quickly once this is finalised.  The area of NW Limerick around Glin has been selected as the study area.

Following a detailed consultation process, Limerick will aim to develop its strategy and action plan across October and November with a view to launching the document by the end of 2014. The Older Peoples Council will be established across a similar timeframe.

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