Programme Coordinator Catriona Bambrick

Chair of the Alliance 

Who’s involved?

Who’s involved in the Kilkenny Age Friendly County Programme?

The Kilkenny Age Friendly Programme commenced in 2010. The initiative was endorsed by the County Manager Joe Crockett who appointed a Project Manager, Catriona Bambrick to manage the adoption of the initiative. Four years on the Alliance and Older Peoples Forum have produced their second annual report 2012-2013, outlining the extensive progress made since its adoption. The strategic Alliance consists of key decision-makers from various agencies and are listed below:-

Nickey Brennan, Chair of the Kilkenny Age Friendly Alliance
Patricia McEvoy, Chair of the Service Providers Forum, HSE
Nora Webster, Chair of the Older People’s Council
Catriona Bambrick, Local Authority Age Friendly Coordinator
John McCormack, Director of Services, Kilkenny County Council
Teresa Hennessey, Senior Health Promotion Officer for Kilkenny/Carlow, HSE
Shane Winters, Age Friendly Ireland (Interim Regional Development Consultant)
Maire Duggan, Kilkenny LeaderProgramme
Lindsey Butler, Community/Cultural Development Officer,Kilkenny County Council
Gary Gordon, Community Garda Unit Sergeant, Kilkenny City
Ms. Ann Marie Lanigan, Area Manager, Health Services Executive (HSE)
Mr. Declan Rice, CEO, County Kilkenny Leader Partnership
Nicola Keeshan, Kilkenny Sports Partnership
Pat Grogan, Manager, Kilkenny Carers Association
John Purcell, President, Kilkenny Chamber of Commence
Fr. Nick Flavin, Chairman, Community and Voluntary Forum
Dr. Emer Ahern, HSE
Mr Colin Ahern, Business of Ageing Forum

What did older people tell us?

What did older people across County Kilkenny tell us? (A snapshot)

The consultation process that took place across County Kilkenny identified three key areas that were of vital importance to older people and these include; Respect and Social Inclusion; Outdoor Spaces, Physical Environment and Public Services and Supports to Stay Living in the Home.

How has the County responded?

How has the County Kilkenny responded? (An overview)

Following the production and launch of the strategy in late 2010, an action plan was developed jointly with the Older Persons Forum. Given the structure of the County it was agreed that working groups that would focus on the key critical areas to execute the actions was the best approach to implementation. Key highlights were:

–          Respect & Social Inclusion: The Business of Ageing Forum currently work with Kilkenny Tourism, the Chamber of Commerce and Kilkenny businesses to develop age friendly subsidies and services in shops, restaurants and visitor attractions. In January 2013, Kilkenny Age Friendly County Limited received an innovation voucher from Enterprise Ireland and has engaged RIKON Limited to consolidate and document an Age Friendly Business Strategy for Kilkenny for 2013-2016. The strategy will focus on retail, tourist and the services sector and Director of RIKON, Dr. Pat Lynch, is currently working with the Alliance and the Regional Manager to maximise Kilkenny’s opportunity as an age friendly destination.

–          Outdoor Spaces, Physical Environment and Public Services: Kilkenny County Council continue to improve the amenity value of the city with particular reference to the needs of older people. Seating has been provided at a number of locations and the completion of the rehabilitation of James Green which consists of age friendly seating, new lighting together with general improvements in accessibility.

–          The Age Friendly County Office, in partnership with the Older People’s Forum and the Carers Association, identified age friendly hotels and guest houses based on access, hoist friendly bedrooms and wet rooms, where discount is provided. A number of subsequent publications have been made available by Fáilte Ireland and Kilkenny Tourism in relation to age friendly hotels and offers for the over 55’s age group. Other travel offers are available on . The hospitality sector in particular has been very proactive in relation to servicing the older consumer.

–          Supports to Stay Living in the Home: Following multi-agency consultation a process is now in place between occupational therapists in the acute sector and the Local Authority to communicate in relation to applicants of the scheme that would be deemed a priority by the multidisciplinary team for home adaptations necessary for discharge. The Directors of Nursing of the public residential units are represented on the Service Provider Forum and this has improved networking and increased awareness of the service available to the residents of the homes and vice a versa.

–          For more detailed information on these and the other commitments / actions please refer to the Kilkenny Age Friendly Annual Report 2012-2013 which can be found at;

For more detailed information on these and the other commitments / actions please refer to the Kilkenny Age Friendly Strategy which can be found HERE

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