Older People have their voice heard by HSE Quality and Patient Safety Directorate

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Between the 12th November and the 3rd December 2014 a series of Listening Meetings were held with  5 Older People’s Councils (OPC’s) throughout the country. The listening meetings, facilitated by Age Friendly Ireland and five city and county Age Friendly Programmes, provided an opportunity for the HSE’s Quality & Patient Safety Directorate to meet with OPC’s to hear their experience of health care services in Ireland. The Older People’s Councils that took part in the meetings were, Dublin North West OPC, Engage Kildare, Laterlife Network Meath, Galway Older Person’s Forum and the Kilkenny Older Persons Forum.  In total 98 older people attended the 5 sessions.  A report from the meetings is in the process of being written up and will be presented to the relevant HSE Directorates identified at the listening meetings and through the various platforms of the national Age Friendly Cities and Counties Programme.  Many thanks to the Older People’s Councils and County and City Programmes for organising the events and to Greg Price and his team from the HSE for taking the time to come and meet the Councils and in the words of Greg Price (HSE) “eavesdrop on a conversation between older people on their experiences of health service”.