Increasing Capacity for Age Friendly Environments in Europe – Post Conference Briefing Document








Age Friendly Ireland, together with Fingal County Council, were delighted to co-host this conference in Dublin last year ‘Increasing capacity for Age-Friendly Environments in Europe’. This conference was designed to bring together speakers, panel members, delegates and programme leaders from across the European ‘Age Friendly’, ‘Healthy’, ‘Smart’ and ‘Sustainable’ Cities Programmes. In particular, we envisaged that the conference would provide an opportunity for programme leaders to explore the trends that will make a difference as the age-friendly programme moves towards its next phase of development.

We are now delighted to share with you a post-conference briefing document and hope that it, and the conference itself has offered useful insight whilst also providing programme practitioners with new information, approaches and tools for deployment.

Continuing to share practice and learnings in these ways will contribute much to our common goal of building a more age friendly Europe.

Download the Post Conference Briefing document here