Healthy and Positive Ageing Outcomes Initiative (HaPAI)

The Department of Health, together with The Atlantic Philanthropies, the HSE’s Health and Wellbeing Division, and Age Friendly Ireland have agreed on a joint programme to monitor and promote older people’s health and wellbeing in Ireland. This programme (the Healthy and Positive Ageing Outcomes Initiative) is intended to measure the implementation of the National Positive Ageing Strategy (NPAS). Its activities will include:

–        Formulation of key national indicators of older people’s Healthy and Positive Ageing, using research and data already developed especially TILDA, as well as the Central Statistics Office, and the HSE’s Health & Wellbeing Directorate (H&W) etc.;

–        The establishment of a research fund to commission additional once-off research to fill identified gaps in existing data required to cover all indicators, relevant to the design or configuration of future services and supports for older people;

–        Publication of a biennial ‘State of the Nation’s Older Persons’ reports, topic reports, etc. linking the changes in older people’s wellbeing to policy development.

–        Cascading of national data to the county level, supplemented by local data collection, and compilation of County Reports in selected counties.

–        A physical activity communications programme targeted at older people.

Oversight of the Programme will be provided by an Oversight Group to be chaired by the Assistant Secretary for Social Care, Department of Health.

The Implementation Team will be led by Sinead Shannon from Age Friendly Ireland who will carry out the role of Programme Coordinator on a part-time basis, and will include a full-time Programme Analyst, a post-doctoral researcher within the TILDA research team, and a HSE Health and Wellbeing Knowledge Management Executive.