Evidence for Action: How Data can inform Policy and Practice in LA’s

Author:  Sinead Shannon, Programme Manager, Healthy and Positive Ageing Initiative


During the past decade, Ireland has undergone dramatic change leading to new ways of working as well as new ways of examining problems and seeking to solve them. The requirement to ‘do more with less’ was impressed on all, particularly those working in the public sector. In such a climate, ‘whole of government’ approaches, multi-stakeholder collaborations and cross-sectoral partnerships became more relevant and more effective ways of achieving shared objectives.

While evidence-based policy and practices are not new, the role that research and evidence can play, in identifying priorities from among competing demands and finding effective and cost-effective solutions to issues in our communities, has become increasingly important. This briefing describes the role that the Healthy and Positive Ageing Initiative, working in collaboration with the Age Friendly Cities and Counties programme, has played in developing evidence to inform changes in practice and policy at national and local level.

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